Adam Chow Student | Hacker | Electric Longboarder

Seeking a full-time opportunity in Product Management


Welcome! I am Adam, a 5th year Computer Science Major at Georgia Tech with threads in People and Media focusing on user experience in emerging technology.

My passion for technology began when I started my own business in high school repairing broken phone screens and became more structured when I completed 3 internships with The Kroger Co. in Research & Development before beginning college. From there I interned with NCR as a software development intern to gain exposure to development where I not only implemented spec but redesigned specs which were later implemented. Finally for my last two internships, I interned with VMware as the only undergraduate student in the company to be a Product Management Intern where I worked on the Boxer mobile application and created ideas that have been drafted into a patent to be filed in the coming months.

In my free time, I like Electric Longboarding, taking photos, experimenting with virtual reality, learning about the newest tech, learning about supercars, hacking my iPhone (which has actually come in handy during multiple internships), finding new restaurants and helping others with their technology.

Product Management Experience

I have completed 2 internships with VMware as a Product Management Intern working with the Boxer mobile application team. I was the only undergraduate student to be hired for product management and the only product management intern who was given an offer to return the next summer. The first summer I worked on competative analysis documents as well as researching the possibilities with the new mobile OSs coming out. I also created essential documentation and worked on the nomination process for beta customers.

The second summer I worked on updating more competative analysis documentation, writing product requirements with acceptance criteria to update a popular feature, created how-to videos to market Boxer in blog posts and customer packages, and finally detailed a new machine learning feature from scratch taking the feature from idea to proof of concept to demoing deep learning locally on a mobile device. I also created UI and UX mockups, all of which has been written up into a patent being filed by VMware.

Relevent course work

Project Management
Marketing Management
Objects and Design - Scrum & Agile